Personal Property Securities (PPS)

Understanding the Personal Property Securities Act and Personal Properties Security Register is a complex and sometimes cumbersome task. Which is why East Coast Law have put together this information kit to help you understand the basics about the PPS, where to register your interest and how to get help.

What is ‘personal property’?

Personal property under the Personal Property Securities Act can be defined as:

  • Goods (Tangible Property) – Motor Vehicles, Aircraft, Watercraft, machinery, crops, livestock, inventory
  • Intangible Property – intellectual property rights
  • Financial Property – currency and documents of title
  • Intermediated Security – the rights of a person in whose name an intermediary maintains a securities account

What is the Personal Property Register or PPSR

  • The PPSR is where you register the security interest.
  • The PPSR is also where you go to search if there is a security interest over personal property you may be obtaining.
  • To access the PPSR website and subsequently register a PPS you can visit www.ppsr.gov.au

Download the information kit to understand what Personal Property Securities (PPS) are and how to use the Personal Properties Security Register (PPSR). 

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