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East Coast Law is a company of experienced family law practitioners with offices across NSW in Newcastle, Maitland, Toukley, Edgeworth, and Port Macquarie. We pride ourselves on offering a friendly and approachable family law firm to our clients, providing expert guidance and legal advice with empathy and understanding.

Divorce and Separation

Most people are aware they must be separated for a minimum period of twelve months before they may file an application for divorce. Many people do not realise that an application for divorce is simply just that. Issues regarding property and parenting are separate to an application for divorce.
Mediation has many benefits. The process puts the control of dispute resolution in your hands rather than leaving it up to a Judge to decide. Mediation is usually significantly cheaper and quicker than going to Court.

Binding Financial Agreements

The words Binding Financial Agreement (“BFA”) refer to a variety of different Financial Agreements referred to in the Family Law Act, 1975. A BFA is an agreement between married, soon to be married, defactos of the opposite or same sex.

Parenting Arrangements

Parenting issues can cause distress and heartache to parents and their children. It is important to recognise and respond to parenting problems as soon as possible. Mediation is now compulsory in parenting matters. Although mediation is not compulsory in property disputes, it should be considered before Court action is commenced.

Property Settlement

Relationship breakdowns are hard enough, without the added complexity of property division and settlement in Court.  Settlement negotiations may take place during a round table conference, however some matters only respond to litigation. Our experienced family lawyers will advise you if it becomes necessary to stop settlement discussions and commence Court action.

Consent Orders

The breakdown of a marriage or de facto relationship needn’t be a stressful, expensive, and drawn-out scenario. Where the separating parties can come to an agreement, a consent order will make these terms legally binding – once approved by the family court.

Legal advice you can count on for divorce and family law matters

If you are seeking legal advice and guidance to help you navigate a relationship breakdown or divorce, our family lawyers are here to help. Our experienced solicitors will listen and give you thoughtful and caring legal advice based on you as an individual and what’s best for your family.

We aim to resolve all family law matters outside of Court wherever possible – to minimise the expense and stress involved for you. Whenever necessary, our highly experienced legal team will represent you in Family Court to reach the best possible outcome for your situation.

Our team of family law solicitors have extensive experience in advising on the best course of action and legal representation after a relationship breakdown. We understand the extremely personal nature of the process and how difficult it can be. At East Coast Law, we strive to provide a smooth and convenient process to the proceedings.
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