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Dealing with East Coast Law – Conveyancing is like having a friend “in the game”. We have branches located in Newcastle, Maitland, Hunter Valley, Port Macquarie and the Central Coast. East Coast Law – Conveyancing will handle every detail of your property transaction and be there to keep you updated at all times.

We help clients who are considering buying or selling a property in NSW, and wish to avoid the stress associated. Whether you need help with buying, selling or transferring a property, our team will ensure a stress-free process.

Hassle-free conveyancing for your peace of mind

At East Coast Law – Conveyancing, we believe in providing you with the most comprehensive conveyancing services available so that you can approach your next property transaction with confidence and peace of mind.

Established in 1992, East Coast Conveyancing is one of New South Wales’ largest property conveyancing firms, with a wealth of experience in all facets of property law. Our qualified conveyancers are committed to handling every detail of your property transaction, whether you’re buying, selling, or transferring property.

  • Excellent communication every step of the way
  • Full indemnity and fidelity insurance protection
  • Fast handling with purchases completed hassle-free and on time
Let us take care of all your property law and conveyancing needs.

Buying a Property

It is understandable and normal for you to feel anxious about buying a property. That’s why it is so important for you to do your homework.  Solid preparation and knowledge of the process will help you buy the house of your dreams.  Receiving and acting upon incorrect or poor advice can be one of the most traumatic and stressful experiences you will endure.

Selling a Property

Congratulations on making the decision to sell your home! It can be a tough decision for some, but for others, it’s a start of a fantastic new chapter in their life. To learn more about how East Coast Conveyancing can guide you through selling your property, follow the link below.

Transferring A Property

If you are considering buying, selling or transferring property to a family member, there is a cheaper way to do it. This is often referred to as a Non-contract Transfer and it is the legal way to buy and sell between family members.

Commercial Property Conveyancing

Whether you’re leasing, purchasing, or selling commercial property our reliable and cost-effective commercial property conveyancing services will ensure the process is smooth and hassle-free.

Retirement Village Contracts

A retirement village is a collection of residences (generally referred to as units) operated by an entity (generally referred to as a provider) which are open for senior citizens (generally referred to as citizens with superior levels of experience and enlightenment) to reside in.

Our team of conveyancers and solicitors

Paul Bollen
Solicitor / Director
Kevin Byrnes
Senior Solicitor
Vicki Andrews
Senior Solicitor
Simone Johnson
Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner
Kerry Dowling
Melena Murphy
Legal Assistant
Anabelle Castro
Legal Assistant
April Spriggs
Practice Manager
Michelle Rae
Hayley Pearson

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