Conveyancing Services for Property Buyers

Found the right piece of property for your new home or investment? Congratulations on taking this momentous step! It is understandable and normal for you to feel anxious about buying a property. Solid preparation, expert advice, and quality conveyancing services will help you buy the house of your dreams.

What our conveyancers do for buyers

You may be wondering what a conveyancer actually does when buying a house? We play a vital role in keeping the sale on track and protecting you through the process. Conveyancers communicate important information, undertake legal and financial checks, provide advice on rights and obligations and ensure settlement proceeds as planned.

Our team of licensed conveyancers offer a comprehensive service for property buyers to ensure you’re covered from contract review through to settlement.

Approach your property purchase with confidence

The team at East Coast Law – Conveyancing has the knowledge, expertise and experience to make your property purchase smooth, simple, and easy to understand. You can approach your property purchase with absolute confidence knowing that we’ve covered all the bases, safeguarding you from the many potential hazards involved with purchasing a property.

We ensure our clients receive:

Purchasing Property Made Easy – “ It’s like having a friend in the game”

Experienced guidance for first home buyers

Buying and selling property or a business can be complex, not to mention stressful. Buying a house can be the biggest transaction you have handled. A contract of sale and a mortgage document is lengthy and complex, usually written in legal language that is hard to understand. You want to be sure that the person you engage to manage this transaction is capable of not only handling the conveyance but of dealing with problems that may arise during this process. You can be confident that we will look after this transaction for you and protect your interests.

Purchasing property off the plan

Buying property ‘off the plan’ can be a brilliant way to get ahead of the rest of the market. It allows you to buy a property before it’s actually built and beat any other potential buyers in the market.
East Coast Conveyancing can help you purchase off the plan. We will advise you in detail on all matters relating to the Contract for Sale for your ‘off the plan’ purchase including:
  • The Sunset Clause date.
  • Schedule of finishes and inclusions.
  • We will ensure you have an understanding of what to expect throughout the off-the-plan purchase process and that you are clear on what the end product will be.

Once you’ve found a block of land or unit that you wish to purchase ‘off the plan’, your next step should be to call East Coast Law – Conveyancing 

  • One of our team will ask you a few questions to find out your situation and answer some of the questions you may have.
  • We’ll discuss with you your eligibility for a government grant.
  • We’ll calculate your stamp duty and let you know when it needs to be paid.
  • We’ll work out a time frame for you to sign and exchange contracts if you haven’t done so already.
  • We’ll run you through the process of buying off the plan and how you can secure the property as soon as possible.

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