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When a marriage breaks down, it’s a stressful and uncertain time for everyone involved. Even if both parties are in agreement on seeking a divorce and are ending their marriage on good terms settlement can often become challenging. Questions may arise about the division of assets and property, child custody and parenting arrangements, and who gets the family pet.

East Coast Law are experts in family law. Our experienced divorce lawyers will guide you through divorce proceedings, parenting arrangements and financial settlements to help you move on with the rest of your life. We are an affordable and approachable law firm with offices in Newcastle, Toukley, Maitland, Edgeworth & Port Macquarie. Our team is here to help you navigate separation and divorce, offering care, compassion and certainty during a difficult time.

Divorce Law in Australia

Since the introduction of The Family Law Act of 1975, Australia has operated under a no-fault divorce system. This means that if you can show that your marriage has irretrievably broken down and you have been separated for at least 12 months and 1 day, you are eligible for a divorce. A divorce can be undertaken as a joint application (where both parties agree to file together) or a sole application where one party initiates the divorce process and makes a sole application to legally end the marriage.

In general, a successful divorce application in Australia will progress as follow

  1. Complete and file a divorce application
  2. Receive your court hearing date
  3. Complete and lodge an Affidavit for eFiling Application (Divorce)
  4. Serve the application on your spouse (sole applicants only)
  5. The application for divorce will be heard in Family Court (attendance may not be required)
  6. Receive the Certificate of Divorce
For more detailed information on the process of getting a divorce and answers to many frequently asked questions please see our How to Get a Divorce resource or get in touch with our friendly team

Do I Need a Divorce Lawyer?

While engaging a lawyer to provide legal advice and represent your interests is not compulsory in Australian family law, it is highly recommended for the majority of divorce applicants.

Why Choose East Coast Law?

We understand that a divorce can be an extremely difficult and emotional experience. We always hold the welfare of children, as well as the emotional and financial needs of our clients as our top priority

Our dedicated legal team will ensure you understand your obligations, rights, and entitlements under Australian family law. We will provide expert legal advice and guidance to make navigating the divorce process as clear and simple as possible.

We aim to resolve all family law matters outside of court wherever possible, to minimise the expense and stress involved for you. Whenever necessary, our highly experienced divorce lawyers will represent you in Family Court to reach the best possible outcome for your situation.

Our team of expert divorce lawyers will ensure your divorce proceeds smoothly, ensuring minimal stress and allowing you to focus on looking after yourself and your family in this challenging time.

More than just a divorce application

Many people do not realise that an application for divorce has nothing to do with property settlement and/or parenting arrangements for their children. Divorce Issues regarding property and parenting are separate from an application for divorce. However, they are often heavily intertwined and related.

As a full-service family law firm, East Coast Law offers its services to ensure all the important aspects of family separation and divorce are covered and ensure your interests in these areas are properly represented and advocated for.
We will attend and represent your interests in family law mediations and out of court settlement negotiations for parenting and property issues. Where agreements are able to be reached we will document and file Consent Orders with the Family Court. Where the other party is not responding we will advise you when to commence court action.

Searching for an affordable, experienced and efficient divorce lawyer?

Divorce Law FAQ

The average time frame to complete the divorce process from start to finish in Australia is approximately 4 months. However, dealing with property division and parenting issues can often slow down the process.

Once we understand your circumstances and requirements, we’ll be able to give you a more accurate estimate of how long it will take.

The divorce application filing fee is currently $940.00. There are additional expenses to consider when looking beyond the divorce to finalise parenting and financial arrangements.

Once we understand your circumstances, we’ll give you a written fixed cost and outline payment options.

If your former spouse agrees, you can share the filing fees. If you are making a sole divorce application you will usually pay the filing fee. Legal advice and representation is an extra cost that is usually handled by each party individually.
You can initiate divorce proceedings without your spouse knowing by making a sole application. However, your spouse is required to be notified as part of the process.
A divorce doesn’t have to be agreed to by both parties. A sole application can be lodged by one spouse, without having to be signed by the other.
Under Australian family law, it doesn’t matter who initiates a divorce or why the marriage has irretrievably broken down.
  • Provide proof of your marriage
  • Show that your marriage has irretrievably broken down
  • Prove you have been separated for at least 12 months and 1 day
  • Complete and lodge an application for divorce
You can divorce in Australia if Australian law recognises your marriage as legal, even if you were married overseas.

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Searching for an affordable, experienced and efficient divorce lawyer?

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