What Does a Family Lawyer Do?

You’ve probably heard other people speak about “my lawyer” or “my solicitor” when telling you about their family law problems. But what does a family lawyer or family law solicitor actually do?

Can they do something for you?

If you have separated from your partner or are considering separation, it would be very wise to take preliminary advice from an experienced family lawyer. You can ask the family lawyer about matters concerning the breakdown of your relationship, including parenting arrangements for the children, your property settlement rights and obligations, and whether or not child support is payable to you or by you. You may also wish to ask a family lawyer about filing a divorce application for you or helping you to manage your own divorce.

A family lawyer is a Solicitor who has a particular interest and skill in family law work. They often can assist you with matters relating to family law, for example, preparing a new Will for you, acting on your behalf on the sale of the family home, or payment of settlement monies to the other party.

What a good family lawyer is experienced in dealing with family law issues on a daily basis. They can give you advice specific to your own circumstances, negotiate a settlement for you, represent you in Court or at mediation and ensure your interests are protected.

Accurate, easy to understand, and cost effective advice and representation is provided by an experienced and skilled family lawyer. Your family law matter is important. If you require information and assistance, speak to a lawyer and receive prompt and helpful advice.

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