The Early Stages of Separation: What a Lawyer Can Do to Help

The process of separating from your partner can be an extremely emotional time for all parties involved. Whether you are beginning to consider separating from your partner, or you have been separated for some time, this interview with one of our senior solicitors can lend a few important things to plan and prepare for during a separation.

What do I need to consider in the early stages of separation?

Those early stages of separation are very difficult and emotional. I find that even the person that has made the decision to leave the relationship is often as grief struck as the person who has not made the decision to end the relationship.

You have to start somewhere. I usually say to clients that if they still have some level of communication with their former spouse, then they need to speak to them and keep an open line of communication. Even though it may be difficult, if there is some level of communication both parties can begin to prepare arrangements for their home, finances, and children if they are involved.  It is important to carefully consider any children in the relationship at this time and to make arrangements for their care and wellbeing, regardless of the age of the children. If possible, you should also maintain communication with your former spouse regarding financial measures such as paying the mortgage, car loan, insurance, or the children’s school fees. If you can have that conversation with your spouse, then have it.

Now of course there are occasions when you can not have open communication with your spouse, as perhaps your spouse has left and you are not sure of their whereabouts. Sometimes people have separated because there has been domestic violence. That is  when a Lawyer’s job is more proactive at the beginning of the matter. Your Lawyer will be very important in the early stages of separation as they will help you work out financial details and arrangements for your children.

What can I expect from my first meeting with a Lawyer?

At East Coast Law, we strive to ensure our clients know about their options and the alternatives they have whilst progressing  through their separation. In your first meeting, you can expect an unbiased and caring listening ear and an open discussion about your situation and what options are available specific to your case. Our family law solicitors also have the ability, and the obligation, to make positive referrals to psychologists and doctors if necessary. We also have the ability to make police reports or contact DOCS if you are concerned about your children’s welfare. We also make informed and important helpful referrals to mediation.

Your first appointment with us is important for both you and the solicitor you see. It is the beginning of a helpful and friendly professional relationship. We are clear with our advice and have a frank and open discussion with you regarding fees and the likely duration of your matter.  Our solicitors are experienced “ people persons” and you will feel supported and respected throughout your matter.

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