The best places to retire in New South Wales

The best places to retire in New South Wales

When you’ve lived in an area all your life, it can be daunting to sell your family home and find a new place to enjoy your retirement. However, downsizing your home and moving into an apartment or retirement village can improve your standard of living in many ways.

If you are considering a move, you might want to think about new suburbs and cities too. While you may want to stay close to family, there are plenty of appealing places in New South Wales that can be ideal for retirees enjoying their newfound freedom.

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The Hunter Valley

The Hunter Valley is one of Australia’s most respected wine-producing areas, with plenty of vineyards to explore. The tranquil countryside is a great place to relax, there are picturesque vistas for photographers everywhere you look and plenty of golf courses to enjoy.

Many retirement village complexes can be found near Cessnock, which means you’ll have easy access to shops, cafes and restaurants. It’s also just a two-hour drive to Sydney and less than an hour to Newcastle.

The Blue Mountains

Another inland area that’s full of natural beauty is the Blue Mountains. The beauty of the forests will give you plenty of reasons to step outside and stay active – whether that’s on the hiking trails or with an easel and paintbrush. The winters can get a bit cooler here than in coastal areas, but that gives you good reason to rug up in front of the fire with a nice cup of tea.

The smaller towns in this area have a real sense of community and are always welcoming to new faces. Transport to the Blue Mountains is easy, with a train line running straight into Sydney’s Central Station that has stops at Blackheath, Katoomba, Wentworth Falls and more.

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Port Stephens

If you prefer to retire close to the water, Port Stephens may be a better option for you. An hour’s drive north from Newcastle, the beaches along the coastline are every bit as beautiful as those in Newcastle and Sydney, but with a fraction of the weekday visitors. Expect to enjoy long, lazy days in the sunshine, whether that’s reading a book on your veranda, paddling in the ocean or out on your boat.

Port Stephens has long been a destination for retirees, so it’s well suited for the older generations. The marina has some great options for waterfront eating, the annual whale migrations get you close to nature, and there are plenty of shops and markets to keep yourself well-stocked and well-amused.


A 90-minute drive south from Sydney, and an hour from the coastal region around Kiama, Bowral is another favourite spot for the newly retired and those interested in investments.

Bowral has a lot going for it. Most famously, it’s the birthplace of Sir Don Bradman, who is well honoured with his own museum. The town is also close to the national parks in the Southern Highlands, packed with gourmet cafes and restaurants and the host of an annual tulip festival.

Getting the help you need

Regardless of where you want to move, getting help with downsizing and selling your home can make the change easier to handle.

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