New Social Distancing Laws in NSW came into place on March 31

On Sunday night last, Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced even stricter measures of enforcable Social Distancing to try to slow the spread or Covid-19.

While the laws are different in each state, those made in NSW are due to be in place for at least 90 days.

Here is the Law in NSW:

As of 12am Tuesday,  NSW residents now legally have to stay in their homes unless they have a “reasonable excuse” for leaving.

“Reasonably excuses” are broadly categorised as:

  • Obtaining food or others goods and services
  • Travelling for the purposes of work or education if the person cannot do it at home
  • Exercise
  • Medical or caring reasons

The full list of of reasonable excuses can be found here.

Movement is also allowed for the purpose of moving into a new home or inspecting a potential new home, providing care or assistance to a vulnerable person or in an emergency, and undertaking legal obligations, accessing government services, or donating blood. Exemptions also exist for priests or members of religious orders, and where someone is escaping potential injury, illness or harm.

Children who live across two households can continue to switch between houses.

NSW has also adopted a two-person gathering limit.

The NSW Commissioner, Mick Fuller, foreshadowed that police would be on the streets to enforce these new rules.

The new laws were published late on Monday night. They allow for fines of up to $11,000 or six months’ imprisonment for those who leave the home without a reasonable excuse, plus an additional $5,500 fine each day the offence continues. Fines for businesses are higher still.

It appears it will be left to police officers’ discretion who will receive a fine.




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