How Styling can Maximise the Value of your Investment Property

When you’re looking to sell an investment property, much of the art of the sale happens before you even list it. For almost all properties, there can be huge benefits to bringing in a professional stylist to give the home a wider appeal.

Every home is different, so there’s no one rule that will make your property sell for more. There are, however, common areas that can be improved to increase your home’s value.

Speaking to someone experienced in this area can give you an idea of where to best invest your money. By making your property stand out for the right reasons, the money you spend on styling can come back tenfold.

Make a good first impression

Many buyers make up their minds very quickly when looking at a property. Some may decide on a home simply by driving by and taking a sneak peek.

This makes the first few seconds of an inspection and the external appearance of your home vital. Take a look from the street to inspect your property with a fresh pair of eyes. Repairs, fresh paintwork and a tidy garden can all go a long way without breaking the bank.

Straighten up any wonky slats in the fence, mow the lawn, plant some flowers and make sure the front has an inviting appeal.

Make all necessary repairs

Unless your property is likely to be demolished or heavily renovated, it’s a good idea to attend to any small repairs that are needed.

Although you may be used to the gate that’s hanging off its hinges or the cracked paving slabs, to a newcomer these look sloppy. These little problems add a negative cloud to a potential buyer’s thoughts, making them wonder how many other repairs they’ll have to make and what state of neglect the major areas of the home are in.

Make all the cheap changes

A professional home stylist will be able to give you individual advice on your property, especially for bigger investments, but there are a number of smaller, cheaper things you can do to get started.
Two of the most important are to declutter and let in as much natural light as possible.

The way you style a home for sale isn’t necessarily the same way you would live in one. Removing items of furniture that aren’t key to a room can help free up space, giving buyers more ideas for how they would furnish the property.

Likewise, if you have any large items in front of windows, it’s best to move these. You’ll also want to minimise window dressings, take down heavy curtains and make sure all curtains and blinds are open.

Make more money

There’s no simple formula that shows that if you spend X you’ll make Y more, but Maryville-based company Stage One Interiors has some interesting portfolio cases.

A property in Adamstown that was expected to sell for $490,000 went for $560,000 – an uplift of $70,000 based on just $2,900 spent styling the property.

Another recent example is a property in Mount Hutton that was expected to go for $1.35 million but ended up reaching $1.6m – an uplift of $250,000 after a $4,000 property styling spend.

Do you have more questions about selling a property?

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