Home Inspection Checklist – What to look for when buying a home

Buying a home is such an exciting thing to do (for some, frustrating).  You consider so many things – is it in the right location? Does it have enough bedrooms?  Will the car fit in the garage? This is what attracts you to the property to begin with, but ………What should you look for when inspecting the property?

Our Home Inspection Checklist Will Help You


For most people buying a home isn’t a regular thing so we’ve put together a really simple checklist of items you should check when inspecting the home or at least before your cooling-off period expires, if you’ve exchanged contracts. Download checklist

Our list DOES NOT replace a pest and building report.  We recommend that you always have an expert take a look at the structure of the home and any indication of termites.

If you find any issues with the home as a result of the checklist, do not panic.  Make a note of it and have a chat with the real estate agent.  They’ll be the ones who will chat to the vendors (owners) on your behalf.

If you haven’t already, download the free checklist below and enjoy looking for your new home.

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