Five Tips For Finding the Right Lifestyle Village

Ideally, your retirement will be healthy, happy, long and free of stress. One way of ensuring this is by taking the time to review your options for retirement villages. With so many options to choose from, we have prepared important considerations for you to keep in mind during your search.

  1. Finances– Before you start your search, know what you can afford, your budget and any ongoing costs. It’s a good idea to get expert financial and legal advice along the way and ask all of the questions you need pertaining to moving to and living in a retirement village. Never sign anything or offer payments until you’re sure you can afford it.
  2. Lifestyle– How do you spend your time? Do you want to go into your retirement with a complete lifestyle change? If so, a resort retirement village is a great choice. Think about whether you want pets, a garden or any extracurricular activities you enjoy.
  3. Support – One of the biggest benefits of downsizing to a retirement village is the support. In NSW, many retirement villages offer 24-hour help on hand and support services available to residents. For people who need help with laundry, personal care, domestic assistance or meals, the correct support is vital.
  4. Location – Do you want to stay close to your current community, or do you want to move to be closer to your family in your retirement? Maybe you want to be close to the water, or you want to be around shopping and entertainment. Find a retirement village that fits your dream locations.
  5. Amenities – Retirement villages have a large range of amenities, and they vary from village to village. You can get restaurants, libraries, barbeque or gathering areas, community rooms and much more. You’ll pay for them through your monthly or weekly payments, so you want to use them. Look for amenities that match up to your lifestyle.

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