How we can help you with transferring property

If you are considering buying, selling or transferring property to a family member, there is a cheaper way to do it. This is often referred to as a Non-contract Transfer and it is the legal way to buy and sell between family members.

We advise that you speak to one of our experienced conveyancers before doing anything. They can provide all family members with advice on what to do in regards to transferring property.

What we do for you

We provide advice

We are legally able to provide advice for all parties involved in the transaction.

We can organise inspections

Even if you buying from a family member, you may still wish to obtain a pest and building report. We can organise this for you.

Liase with banks & financial institutions

Are you borrowing to buy? If there are mortgages involved, East Coast will talk to the lenders involved which will make it easier for everyone at settlement.

We prepare all legal paperwork

Our team will prepare all the necessary paperwork and advise you on stamp duty if there is any requirement to pay.

Property completion

At settlement, we will make sure all the correct paperwork is completed and the correct money is paid to the “selling” family member.

Helpful Resources

Verification of Identity Brochure (VOI)

 Download (1.13 MB)

Verification Form for Australia Post

 Download (452.66 KB)

Ultimate Moving House Checklist

 Download (1.43 MB)