An Integrated Competitive Edge

Four states across Australia have released transformation timelines to transition to online settlements, but what is the property industry doing to prepare?

East Coast Conveyancing and over 300 practitioners across Australia are using PEXA integrated versions of their Practice Management Software (PMS). PEXA Integrated software is just another step towards a smooth transition online. All settlement information automatically flows from the PMS into PEXA, creating workspaces and eliminating the need to re-key information like title information, property information, party information and much more.

East Coast Conveyancing (ECC) recently piloted PEXA and InfoTrack’s integrated software, staying ahead of market initiatives and modern technologies that keep their business relevant.

“PEXA and InfoTrack have worked together to ensure seamless integration. We find their process to be excellent and continues to improve with each new feature. We would highly recommend it.”, ECC Director Michael Pauling exclaims.

PEXA’s recent structural change to agile has brought the customer to the forefront of their product deliveries. As a result, the property industry is inherently involved at the early stages of current and new product enhancements.

“ECC have always believed in partnership with our software suppliers. Feedback from users is always important to develop an easy-to-use product. PEXA should be admired for the approach they have taken. We’re excited to see the product develop in the future.”

Remaining competitive in the property industry and providing an optimum service is top of every practitioners’ mind. Michael and the team consider PEXA as one of their core competitive tools to stay on top of the market.

“Our decision to adapt early to e-Conveyancing has helped us gain our competitive advantage.

We’ve found that PEXA transactions have a much higher completion rate as opposed to manual settlements. The “get it right first time” principle is what our clients expect and PEXA gives us a better chance of achieving this.

Furthermore, the PEXA workspace allows greater transparency if there is a problem. Sometimes settlements do go wrong but the ability to track each step of our workspaces allows us to isolate the problem.”

Following the release of New South Wales’ transformation timeline, ECC are ready for any changes in the market. Michael had this advice to anyone who is still at the edge of full adaptation to digital settlements:

“All new processes take time to implement but once they have been implemented you wish you had completed it sooner. The PEXA software is easy to use and will provide you with advantages. We believe that those who are late adopters will lose market share.”

Integration to PEXA via your PMS is available now. If you’d like to know more about how to start using it in your business, contact your software provider, PEXA Direct Specialist or integration@pexa.com.au.

You can also learn more about integration on the e-Conveyancing Community.

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