10 tips for decluttering your home

When you’re selling your home, whether you’re downsizing or simply changing your location, you want to give prospective buyers a good first impression. But aside from clearing the clutter for the buyer’s benefit, you need to decide what’s going with you to a new home and what you can dispose of, especially if you are moving to a smaller living space.

When faced with a house clear-out, you’re probably struggling to work out where to start. Here are 10 things you need to know about decluttering your home.

  1. Take pictures
    Taking pictures of each room gives you a clear idea of which rooms have the most clutter. This will help you choose where to start when downsizing and selling your home. It also helps you see your rooms from a prospective buyer’s angle.
  2. Plan your time
    How long do you have before moving day? Make sure you start packing everything away in good time. This lets you tackle the declutter process in small doses rather than stressing over it at the last second.
  3. Start now
    There’s no perfect time to start preparing your home for sale. The quicker you start, the more in control of the process you’ll feel.
  4. Work in sections
    Take a room at a time and work through it. You’ll feel far less intimidated by the scale of the job if you only focus on one space at a time.
  5. Begin with the least cluttered rooms
    It might seem counter-intuitive to begin with “easy” rooms, but it’ll make you feel like you’ve accomplished something. In turn, it’ll be easier to complete the decluttering process.
  6. Separate clutter into piles
    This is when you need to be a little ruthless. You need to be honest with yourself and decide what’s moving with you, and what you can dispose of or donate to charity. By separating everything into piles, you can work through the items a few at a time.
  7. Pack everything as you go along
    It’s a good idea to box up stuff you’re taking with you to a new house as you clear each room. This saves you packing everything up later on.
  8. Sell or donate what you can
    Give unwanted items to family, friends, or charity, especially if the items are in good condition. You can also make a little money from selling goods.
  9. Gather hazardous items
    Old medicines, paint, and other such items should be gathered and disposed of safely.
  10. Be realistic
    When selling the family home, be honest about what you can truly fit into your new property. You can always look into extra storage options, if need be. But, most importantly, make sure you have a plan, especially for bulkier items such as furniture.

If you want to know how to downsize your house with the least hassle possible, start with decluttering. You can also ensure moving and preparing your home for sale goes smoothly with the right conveyancer firm on your side. Download our FREE ebook today to find out more about how to downsize your home.


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