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I have been a client , of Flintoff Lawyers since September 2013, to date. I have found the staff, from reception through to lawyers assistant , and the lawyers I have dealt with to be very professional and kind caring people.

Dealing with family law/property settlement, is a harrowing experience, emotionally and financially, and at times can bring out the worst in you! Since February ?? 2014, I have been blessed to have Vicki Andrews as my lawyer, my experience with her, is as follows.

Vicki is extremely dedicated to her work. She is honourable , kind, caring and has empathy for her clients. She has a very high professional standard, and abides within the confines of the law at all times. She is sincere and true to her word. A realist, who tells you exactly how it is! A straight shooter, whether you want to hear it, or not! What impressed me most with Vicki… was that she could “quote” my case, without looking at notes! She knew my stuff like a book !!! inside out !!! She cared about me as a person, and gave me her time, whenever I needed it, she would level me out and ground me, when this all got to much for me, keeping me positive and pro active.

On many occasions she had responded to my E-mails by 7am… That’s true dedication! Vicki was driven in doing her very best for me, and was also mindful of my costs, caring for me, here as well! This has been a long and winding road for me. I am not so sure ,that I would have got through this, if I didn’t have this beautiful professional lady, on my side.

I will be recommending Vicki, to anyone who needs a Family law Lawyer. Vicki along with the extended Flintoff team, especially Christine and Bindi.

THANK YOU, from the bottom of my heart.