Mediation Assistance

Get Caring Mediation Assistance from our Family Lawyers

Mediation is the process by which the participants together with the assistance of a neutral person or persons, systematically isolate disputed issues in order to develop options, consider alternatives and reach a consensual agreement that will accommodate their needs.

Mediation has many benefits. The process places the control of dispute resolution in your hands rather than leaving it up to a Judge to decide. Mediation is usually significantly cheaper and quicker than going to Court. You can mediate your dispute at any time, even when your matter is already in Court.

Many types of disputes can be mediated including: the division of property after separation, the parenting arrangements for children, employment disputes, disputes about the division of a deceased estate, disputes about schooling, disputes about contracts and commercial arrangements.

Mediation is confidential to the extent allowed by the law. This allows you to have an open and frank discussion about the problems you are having and generate options for resolving your dispute. This result can be more flexible than a decision by a Court or third party.