Why Choose East Coast Family Lawyers

You may only need to speak to a solicitor only a few times during your life.

These times usually involve a major and/or stressful occasion, like buying and selling a business or house, being involved in a dispute and separation from a partner.

You may want to get advice about protecting yourself, your family and your assets in the future. You may already know what you want but need a solicitor to help put your plan into action.

At East Coast Law Family law our goal is to “Make Good Things Happen”.

Our clients tell us that honesty, empathy, compassion, fairness and a good strategic mind are the traits they look for in a Lawyer.

why us

We are committed to

  1. Really understanding your situation by listening carefully to your circumstances and gaining as much information as possible. We want to know everything,
  2. Explaining the process of what is going to happen to eliminate the fear of the unknown,
  3. Provide support and compassion through our trained support people,
  4. Developing a realistic plan of what you can achieve. No empty promises, no pie in the sky ideas just practical solutions. You are then in a position to make informed choices,
  5. Telling you the truth so you know exactly what is happening,
  6. Providing an outcome that is fair, achievable but in your best interests,
  7. Looking after you in the future no matter what happens.

If you feel that we have addressed your concerns then we would love to protect you through your current circumstances.