Congratulations on taking the big step of buying a home!

It is understandable and normal for you to feel anxious about buying a property. Solid preparation and knowledge of the process will help you buy the house of your dreams.

That’s why it is so important for you to do your homework. Receiving incorrect or poor advice can be one of the most traumatic and stressful experiences you will endure.

East Coast Conveyancing will take the stress out of this process for you, leaving you confident about the purchase of your home.

The team at East Coast Conveyancing has the knowledge, expertise and experience to make your property purchase smooth, simple, and easy to understand. We’ve been doing this since 1992.

“It will be like having a friend in the game”

There is a lot to learn when buying a property. We’ve created a RESOURCES CENTRE to make it easier for you to find the answers to your questions. Remember too, we’re only an email or phone call away. Or, you can go to our Facebook page and send us a message.

What we do for you

We review the contracts

Our role is to make sure the Contract of Sale is legal and in your best interest. We review the contract, discuss it with you and provide you with a written review as well.

We can organise inspections

We strongly suggest you obtain a pest and building report. If you are unsure as to who you would like to use, let us know and we’ll happily organise one for you.

Liase with lender or broker

We act as the “middle man” between your lender or broker to make sure all funds are available for settlement.

Exchange contracts quickly and safely

Without an exchanged contract, the home you want to buy is still considered to be “on the market”. Our goal is to have you exchange as soon as possible in the most secure way.

We keep you up to date at all times

We know communication is key to eliminating the stress of buying a property. If you own a mobile phone, we’ll send you regular messages letting you know what’s going on. We also email all important information to you, so that you have all documentation on hand.

Helpful Resources

Verification of Identity Brochure (VOI)

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Verification Form for Australia Post

 Download (452.66 KB)

Ultimate Moving House Checklist

 Download (1.43 MB)

Buying Property Checklist

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Our Guide to Buying a Home

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4 Steps to Securing Your New Home

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